Project Performance: Stop, Drop & Roll

Date: Tuesday 15th October 2019

Schools with Camerata

On 15th October four schools across Cheshire will come together to perform their new piece of theatre based on fire safety.

‘Stop, Drop and Roll’ is a music and drama project that will bring together four primary schools from across Cheshire to tackle fire safety issues by creating a new piece of music theatre. The piece will aim to explore home safety issues which are relevant to the younger generation, specifically focusing on electrical safety (use of chargers, styling products, etc; importance of keeping rooms tidy; use of candles). The school pupils will also gain an understanding of first aid ‘stop, drop and roll ’ (the message firefighters give to children and young people for what to do if their clothes catch fire) and the five ways to wellbeing messages.

Working with Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service’s Prevention Department and a composer, theatre maker and musicians from Manchester Camerata, young people from the schools will create a new piece from scratch during three days of workshops in autumn 2019. The team from Manchester Camerata will explore the theme with your class and write the lyrics, melodies and harmonies of new songs with the pupils. The pupils will also write the narrative and create the staging for their section of the piece.