The Changing Faces of Our Neighbourhoods: A Collaboration with the University of Manchester and Open Doors


Over the past few months, Manchester composer Richard Taylor, producer Kris Gjerstad and percussionist Janet Fulton have been working with the Open Doors group in Swinton to create a soundtrack for an animation.

Open Doors is a support and research group who have released three films bout growing up in Salford in collaboration with Beena from Chronicle Films, as part of the University of Manchester’s neighbourhoods study. The second stage of the project involves turning these films into animations with the group, and composing music to accompany the animations. You can view the films here

The group is currently in the second stage of the project and is creating an animation with the company Tracks and Layers. They are producing all of the music for the animation alongside a Camerata composer and musician.

The animation will be finished by the end of April, and we can’t wait to see the final product!