Forget Me Not – Big Issue North


In June 2019, Lucy Milburn from Big Issue North attended our Dementia Voices project which aimed to shine a spotlight on young onset dementia. She shares her thoughts in a beautiful and thought-provoking article.

“It’s widely understood as a condition of the elderly but over 42,000 younger people are living with dementia in the UK, according to the Alzheimer’s Society. Dementia is said to be young onset when it affects people of working age, typically between 30 and 65 years old.

Despite the prevalence of young-onset dementia, the condition receives limited attention in terms of public awareness, research and appropriate support, and the voices of sufferers often go unheard. Camerata in the Community, the social arm of Manchester Camerata, is determined to change that and to challenge our understanding of dementia. Founded in 1972, the trailblazing ensemble has constantly redefined what an orchestra can do. Now, using its unique approach of music-led sessions, the camerata has spent the last 18 months uncovering the real story of life with young-onset dementia.

The project, Dementia Voices, has united artists, health professionals and young people living with dementia to create a new theatre piece. It is currently being shared with communities across Greater Manchester in a bid to raise awareness about the condition.”

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